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Belarusian arrogance: one million euros worth of cargo detained at the border

by archyw

The Customs Criminal Service reports that experienced customs officials have long known that timber shipments from Belarus are often just a disguise for cigarette smuggling. Therefore, on July 15, the officials decided to check the X-ray control system of the cargo of the Belarusian citizen who arrived at the Raigard road post by a truck “Man” – wood fiber boards. According to the driver, the cargo of 21.5 tons of plates was destined for one Kaunas company, but after X-ray inspection, it became clear that there were hiding places in the wood full of Belarusian cigarettes Minsk Capital MS.

According to preliminary data, a total of about 300 thousand tons were transported in this way. packets of cigarettes with a value of more than 1 mln. euros.
A pre-trial investigation into smuggling has been launched in the Kaunas branch of the Customs Criminal Service, led by the Kaunas Regional Prosecutor’s Office. The driver was released on remand, with a cash deposit, a written undertaking not to leave and the seizure of documents.

On July 12, customs officers and border guards seized more than half a million packets (worth about 2 million euros) of illegal smokers at the Raigardas road post, which were detected during an inspection of another timber truck transported by truck from Belarus.

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