Beldomo Premium Sofa 2,5er ZÜRICH L

Exclusive living room furniture: Beldomo Premium 2.5-seater sofa “ZURICH L”

The Beldomo Premium 2.5-seater sofa “ZURICH L” is a timeless addition to elegant furnishing taste. The finely curved lines and the classic leather design in gray with a felled seam (without contrast) are inviting. Feet in aluminum look set a stylish reference.

Sofa to rest

The high-quality furniture with a fleece insert in the back area and solid metal feet fits into any living area with a total size of W/H/D approx. 170 x 105 x 91 cm. Thanks to the spring core and practical headrest adjustment, you can sit comfortably (seat height 50 cm, seat depth 52 cm). Choose the Beldomo Premium 2.5-seater sofa “ZURICH L”!

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