Belgium, however, breaks down the Finnish defense, reducing the debtors’ chances of reaching the eighth final

The first goal for the Belgian team was organized by Thomas Vermalen with the help of the opposing goalkeeper, but the second ball was scored by Romel Lukak into the Finnish goal.

In subgroup B, Belgium took first place with nine points in three games, while the next three teams – Denmark, Finland and Russia – had three points each. The Danish team’s second-place balance allowed them to take second place and advance to the quarter-finals, while Finland’s three points, third place and negative goal / loss difference may also prevent them from entering the playoffs.

The first half of the goal was the first half, when Pauluss Arajūri hit the ball after Lukaku’s pass. The Belgians dominated in the first half, but did not score – Finnish footballers defended well, as well as Lukās Hradeckis played successfully in the goal.

In the 64th minute of the game, Hradececkis saved Finland again after a shot from near by Eden Azar. Lukaku were forced to a substitution as Lukaku couldn’t continue playing due to the rough treatment, forcing Tomasz Szymanski to come in from the sidelines.

In the 74th minute after the corner kick Vermālens hit the head on the goal, the ball hit the structure and from Hradecka into the goal – 1: 0. Seven minutes later, Lukaku received the ball in the penalty area and after turning he hit it – 2: 0.

The Finnish national team debuted with a 1-0 victory over Denmark in their first final tournament, but the performance of the opponents was significantly influenced by Christian Eriksen’s arrival on the field. In the next game, the Finns lost to the Russians 0: 1.

In the first match, Belgium comfortably defeated Russia with 3: 0 and then it was not easy to fight Denmark with 2: 1. The “Red Devils” have already secured a place in the eighth final.

The final tournament of the 2021 European Championship will take place in 11 European cities until July 11. The continent’s strongest team will be determined at Wembley Stadium in London. The revamped Wembley Stadium will host the national team title match for the first time in history, but its predecessor once played in the 1966 World Cup final and the 1996 European Championship final.

Five years ago, Portugal was crowned European Champion, beating France in the final match in Paris with a score of 1: 0.

In the final tournament of the European Championship, 24 teams are divided into six subgroups of four each. The two best teams will automatically qualify for the first round or the eighth final of the elimination tournament, as well as the four best third place winners.

A total of 51 games will be played in this European Championship. When there were 16 more teams in the tournament, 31 matches had to be played.

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