Belgium: Pregnant woman dies in accident while going to maternity


A pregnant Belgian girl lost her life in a car accident on her way to the maternity ward – AURORE BELOT / BELGA / AFP
A 23-year-old Belgian boy died in a car accident while her partner took her to the maternity ward, reports the website . The accident, which occurred in the region of Grand Tournai, not far from the border Franco-Belgian , occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Nikitiana’s companion, who had contractions, took the road to reach the maternity ward Ath . After turning on the hazard lights, the young man doubled a vehicle that would have taken this gesture for a provocation, indicates the Belgian press .

A driver under the influence of alcohol

The driver of the other vehicle in turn exceeded the torque. “The young man overtook an Opel-branded vehicle that then went over. There followed a game of overtaking between the two vehicles, which led to the tragedy, “said the first deputy prosecutor, Frederic Bariseau.

After having rediscovered the Opel, Nikitiana’s companion lost control of his vehicle, which found himself across the road before being hit hard by the Opel.

Nikitiana and the little girl she was carrying died, while the young woman’s companion was transferred to the hospital in Tournai in critical condition. The driver of the Opel, who was under the influence of alcohol, told the prosecutor’s office, was taken to the hospital in shock.


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