Belinda, Bronco, Gloria Trevi and other celebrities sing “Resistiré México” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Thirty artists joined their voices in Mexico to make their own version of the theme I will resist, which has become a hymn in Spain against the coronavirus pandemic. With this new musical foray, celebrities seek to do their bit for the health crisis in our country and to allocate the proceeds to the patient care of the Temporary Unit COVID-19 installed in the Citibanamex Center.

The singers who joined this initiative are: Aída Cuevas, Belinda, Benny, Bronco, Camila, Cristian Castro, DLD, Edith Márquez, Gloria Trevi, Has-Ash, Horacio Palencia, Kinky, Leonel García, Lila Downs, María José, María León, Mc Davo, Mijares, Moenia, Paty Cantú, Río Roma, Rodrígo Dávila, Sandra Echeverría, Ximena Sariñana, Yahir, Arath Herce, Axel Muñiz, Caztro, Chucho Rivas and Kaia Lana.

This initiative was taken by 14 companies and foundations in Mexico as a symbol of brotherhood and following the example of Spanish artists who sought to give a message of hope in the midst of the tragedy that the virus has left so far in Spain, where there are 182,816 infected people and 19,130 ​​fatalities.

In Mexico the figures are still far below, but the situation is no less worrying. Until yesterday night, the Ministry of Health counted 5,847 cases and 449 deceased persons located throughout the 32 entities.

Faced with this situation is that Mexican artists decided to join the initiative I will resist and raise resources to offer timely care to patients with this disease in the Temporary Unit COVID-19, installed in the Citibanamex Center.

This medical center, conditioned a few days ago, will attend to mild and moderate patients with the disease, with which it seeks contribute to reducing eventual saturation in hospitals of the Mexico City health system.

“This important project in which 14 companies and foundations participate, jointly coordinated by the Carlos Slim Foundation, UNAM and CIE, will have a capacity of 854 beds, for patients requiring oxygen therapy, 36 intermediate therapy spaces, areas necessary for the proper performance of the medical and laboratory staff, as well as transfer of patients to intensive care units. Infrastructure that will be operated by the Ministry of Health of Mexico City, “said in a statement.

Warner Music Mexico, one of the labels involved in this project, explained in a statement that the song was recorded remotely by a group of Mexican artists and musicians of all genres, in order to give a message of faith, strength and hope in the face of the difficult times that are being experienced throughout the world.

The music company rated this participation as a “historical project” because its remote execution was complex.

I will resist Mx it was written by Manuel de la Calva Diego and Carlos Toro Montoro, and produced by Armando Ávila; It is also backed by Warner Music México, Sony Music México, Universal Music México and Ocesa Seitrack.

The video was published at 09:00 this morning and promoted for several days by the artists involved. So far it has been viewed by 67,789 people.

Ximena Sariñana confessed that she gladly participated in this collaboration to give a dose of hope, humanity and strength.

“It is something unique since different artists, all from their homes, we were able to collaborate and it is very inspiring … we are all in this and it is a very nice message that the song gives”, Said in an interview with the journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva.

It is like a symbol of union between Spain and Mexico, because a similar version was made with many Spanish artists … so the companies decided to make this version in Mexico as a symbol of friendship, “added the young woman.

He claimed that all artists and labels agreed on allocate resources for the care of those infected with the coronavirus in the country.

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