Belkin 65W Dual USB-C Wall Charger Launched on Apple Online Store

General surprise, while Apple unveiled a new dual-port USB-C power adapter in early June, today we find a competitor on the Apple Store online. Indeed, the Belkin props has launched its own wall charger with 65W of power and above all… the 2 USB-C ports which allow you to power two different devices.

Very fast charging

Good news for those who wanted a reliable alternative to Apple’s dual USB-C power adapter, the Belkin company has been marketing its own wall charger with technology since last night. BOOST↑Charge Pro. Available for the moment exclusively on the Apple Store online, this new accessory has advantages that are convincing to say the least.

Let’s start with its ultra-fast charging, according to the presentation on the online Apple Store, the Belkin accessory is capable of recharging 0 to 50% Simultaneously a MacBook and an iPhone 8 (or more recent) in just… 30 minutes. In reality, the props maker has worked for a long time on a good distribution of the load so that the two devices connected to his wall charger can recover their maximum charging speed.
When we look in more detail, the AC adapter from Belkin is able to charge in 45W a MacBook and 20W for iOS devices, here is the limit set for both devices.

chargeur mural belkin double usb c version americaine

Belkin Dual USB-C Wall Charger (US Version)

The other advantage of the accessory designed by Belkin is the integration of the technologie GaNhere is how the constructor presents it:

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a high-performance and efficient alternative to traditional silicone used in charging devices. GaN technology generates less heat and delivers higher power in a compact design.

What are the differences with Apple’s power adapter?

To be frank, the Belkin Dual USB-C Wall Charger is significantly more efficient than Apple’s… for a slightly cheaper price.
As you can see above, the Belkin charger is capable of distributing 65W for the two devices that are hooked up to its USB-C ports. The one offered by Apple is limited to only 35Wwhich unsurprisingly causes a lower charging speed for a MacBook on its own or a MacBook + an iPhone.

The other advantage that the Belkin charger has is the GaN technology. It’s a detail, but it is a considerable asset for higher power and there is also better heat management!

To put it simply, we obviously recommend the Belkin AC adapter, you will have better power for recharging your devices and in addition the accessory is GaN compatible.
Note that the two chargers are of course optimized for travel and are discreet in a suitcase or bag.

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