Bellerín very complicated for Betis

Héctor Bellerín has been a key player for Pellegrini this season, but the reality is that although the footballer’s desire is to continue, his current contract with Arsenal is a handicap to prolong his stay at Villamarín.

Although Betis is doing everything possible to reach an agreement, Arsenal would like him back to complete his last year of contract, at least that is the idea on paper, that or that the Verdiblanco club scratches its pocket to obtain your final pass.

The Gunners demanded 10 “kilos” to start negotiations, but from the Villamarín offices they are aware that they could close a deal for a figure close to 6 “kilos”. The problem is that right now they would not want to make such a high investment, and that is that the signings of last summer have been practically at zero cost.

What is clear is that both parties will extend the negotiations and the footballer’s future does not aim to be resolved soon, since right now it does not depend on him. To all this we must add that the player must accept a significant reduction in his salary, as has already been discussed but has not yet been closed.


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