Bellern speaks emphatically about his future: “I have made my position clear to Betis and Arsenal€?

The right-back, who hopes for a happy outcome in the negotiation with Arsenal, highlights the ambition of the dressing room: “We have fallen short”

“It is time to rest, to take stock of a season in which I have enjoyed a lot. I want to have a few days to digest a little what has happened and to prepare myself for what is to come. In my situation there is a bit of uncertainty and I want to be ready to see what happens. I want to enjoy with my friends and my family for the moment”, Héctor Bellerín began by saying on Betis TV’s ‘Todo al Verde’, who openly referred to his desire for the immediate future: “What I tell everyone who stops me on the street is that I’m very comfortable here, but it’s not that easy. Let’s see how the summer goes, and hopefully it can happen. I came knowing the good team there was and how it was Betis from the outside, because I hadn’t even had the opportunity to watch a match at Villamarín, but then, seeing the treatment I’ve received from my teammates, the club and the fans have made this experience unforgettable and I want to continue here.” .

The right back, who addressed many other issues, settled the question about his future: “For now, I have to go back (to London). I have spoken with the two clubs and I have made my position clear to them. There are two months ahead to look for the best start for everyone. I made an effort to come and I am willing to make any effort so that this continues to be my home, because I am happy. It is also true that I had very nice moments in London, in England. Arsenal has given a lot, the opportunity to be a professional. If I leave it, it will be difficult, but hopefully everything goes as we want”.

“I feel that he has lived very intensely, being very present and aware of everything I have lived, that sometimes with so many games you put the autopilot. But I have lived a lot of games both on and off the pitch. I have made good friends and I have really enjoyed an incredible dressing room. It has gone by very quickly, a sign that I have had a good time. It is not only what has happened on a personal level, but with the people with whom I have lived it”

“He has exceeded all the expectations he had when he arrived, but I’m left with the bittersweet taste that remained for the team of not having been able to reach more. That explains what dressing room we have, what we aim for. If last year reaching Europe League was a feat, this year we feel that we have fallen short, that there was more, which shows the desire to aim for the top. The team knows that it can. That does not mean that it has been a very good year. a lot that I didn’t enjoy 90 minutes on a pitch so much”

“The main thing has been his dressing room management, that everyone was prepared to play and gave the size. With such a large squad, impregnating the dressing room with that motivation and that confidence to make us feel that we can be up there is the best thing. He has managed those moments of ups and downs that always occur. That in a coach is undervalued; it’s not all about tactics, but dressing room management is one of the most important things. Then, he has managed to get a high performance out of the entire squad and It has given us that freedom to feel good”

“It was a very important pillar in my decision, although Betis for me was already a very important option in football. But, if it is combined with my family’s emotions, that’s how the year has turned out”

“Dani and I would stay at home to watch the Betis games together. We know each other from the sub 19, from the national team. He always showed me videos of open-door training before the derbies and told me ‘we both have to be here’ “In the end, it was not possible for the two of us to meet here, which we would have liked, but he was very happy for me. We have been in contact all season. He is a person who loves the club and I am sure he would have loved to live with us this year.” .Discarded in the future? Never, never”

“I sit next to him in the locker room. He is a person who has had a very difficult year in football, but he has shown his true personality. In the end, what reigns is attitude, how to help the club, contribute his grain of arena, creating links in the locker room. I wish both the bear and Cristian (Tello) the best. I’m sure they’re going to have a great year.”

“Since we scored the second goal I was crying, in the 80th minute or so, because I knew that it could be my last game at the Benito Villamarín. With the concentration of the game, no, but now that it was 2-0 we relaxed a little and A wave of emotions came over me: sadness for not knowing what was going to happen and joy for the great year and everything I’ve lived through. Everyone in the locker room supported me, but I wanted to take off my shoes and step on the grass again I thought I would be alone, but Borja and Aitor came, whom I love very much, and then my family; I hugged my father, who understands me better than anyone”

“I have seen the video many times; I felt it a lot then. I have very vivid images of that hour that I spent there. There are many emotions”

“It was the first assist he gave to ‘Panda.’ push, but nothing of that; he did his grain of sand. Delighted to help the team on a day like that”

“From the celebration, I was very moved by the older people and the little children, who enjoyed a title so young. They were faces of happiness, of union, of no matter where you come from if you feel what you feel”

“I have won very nice trophies with Arsenal, although the last one we could not celebrate with the people because of the Covid. But the fact that there was so much desire to celebrate here, made us live from the previous days with emotion, illusion€ Then, It was an explosion for everyone, for us and for them”

“The game at the Camp Nou, where we played very well and got a very difficult victory, made us jump ahead of what came next. I also stay with the hotel nights because of the fellowship with my teammates. What we enjoyed on those nights , on the way to the Stadium€ We enjoyed it a lot; I hadn’t experienced that in other clubs. That culture that has been instilled in this dressing room, that connection, has given us wings to achieve what we have achieved; things that are not seen. Borja, Aitor and I have been the ‘skull trio’. We have been left out a lot and we have made a great group”

“The coach will have his reasons, but it’s hard to believe that no Betis player has gone all season, but it’s one more motivation, because we all want to go; to keep trying”.