‘Belongs to Verstappen’s list’

Peter Windsor is full of praise for Charles Leclerc after the Australian Grand Prix. The former Williams team manager has long been an outspoken fan of Leclerc on his YouTube channel and the result in Melbourne was therefore no surprise to him.

Leclerc dominated Albert Park from start to finish. The Monegask had been quick enough for pole on Saturday, but drove away from Max Verstappen in an impressive way on Sunday. The Dutchman couldn’t do anything against the speed of the Ferrari and that was partly due to the good work of Leclerc, according to Windsor.

Top performance by Leclerc

“Another stunning performance from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. It’s no surprise, because he’s a class rider. He just belongs in the line of Lewis (Hamilton) and Max (Verstappen) in my opinion. All three different, but all three great drivers with something extra because they are so subtle with their steering input”, says Windsor in his latest video.

That quality came in handy in Melbourne, according to Windsor, because where Christian Horner thought that the bounce of the Ferrari would cause extra wear during the race, Leclerc had no trouble keeping his tires intact. According to Windsor, the race had also been run for Max Verstappen from that moment on.

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