Ben Adams: – – They bought my whole life

Ben Adams (39) and his Norwegian fiancée Sara Skjoldnes (30) were able to reveal in April that they are expecting their first child. However, the couple is not lazy for that reason. They have several things going on in their lives.

The boy band star recently shared a photo on Instagram with the text:

“Hello Oslo”, followed by the hashtag #nytthjem

Freed on overtime

When See and Hear strikes the thread to Adams, it’s a buttery Briton who answers at the other end.

– It is very exciting, he says about the apartment purchase, and adds:

– I never thought I would move from busy London to Norway, but we spent a lot of time in Oslo during the pandemic and I fell in love!

The artist goes on to say that he used to laugh when Norwegians abroad should always point out how good it is in Norway and said: “in Norway we do this and that”.

Now, however, he has become just like that himself.

– I take it upon myself to say such things myself. I have become a real Norwegian! Now I just have to learn the language, he says with a laugh.

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The 39-year-old admits to Se og Hør that he has spent a lot of time renovating in recent years.

Reveals breaches and relocation plans

Reveals breaches and relocation plans

It all started with a little superficial refurbishment of the house in London. Since then, they have bought an apartment on Grünerløkka in Oslo, renovated and sold it, and now they are in the final phase of the renovation project in the apartment they live in on Frogner.

The boy band star says that he likes to do renovations and renovations, but does not recommend living there while it takes place.

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The super cheap kayaks are torn away

The super cheap kayaks are torn away

– I have spent the last six months knocking down walls. We actually lived a month without walls in the bathroom.

CHAOS: It's not just about living in a renovation project.  Photo: Private.
T-shirt: It’s not just just living in a renovation project. Photo: Private.
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HANDYMAN: Ben has become a bit of a handyman after all the renovations.  Photo: Private.
HANDYMAN: Ben has become a bit of a handyman after all the renovations. Photo: Private.
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SATISFIED: The couple is very happy with the result after the renovation.  Photo: Private.
SATISFIED: The couple is very happy with the result after the renovation. Photo: Private.
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Even though the future parents have spent a long time getting the apartment exactly the way they want it, they will not stay long.

Now they are moving to another apartment on Frogner.

– It is a little strange to spend a long time renovating something, and then move as soon as we are done, he says, and adds that the new apartment is much larger.

And extra space probably comes in handy when they go from being two to being three.

– When we were on tour I tried to play cool and uninterested, but as soon as we came out I said to Sara: “we have to live here”. We did not even let it go to the bidding round, we bought privately, Adams reveals.

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Sold to fan

Even though the A1 star is head over heels in love with the Norwegian capital, it took a long time to sell the house in London. When they first did, they ended up selling to a fan.

– When they were on display, they asked several times: “is this really Ben Adams’ house?”. Then they went into the music studio in the house and sang “Take On Me”, laughs the boy band star.

This is what Christian Ingebrigtsen does today

This is what Christian Ingebrigtsen does today

The homebuyers were so saved by the house that they ended up buying absolutely everything that was there. Besides a few personal belongings, all the furniture, ornaments and objects were left behind.

– In a way, they bought my whole life!

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As mentioned, the couple is expecting their first child, and Adams can tell that the pregnancy is going very well. He makes no secret of the fact that he is really looking forward to becoming a father.

– It is very exciting that we will have a daughter. I have come to the point where most of my friends have children, and I know that Sara will be the best mother in the world, he says.

Ben grew up with siblings who were ten years younger than himself and whom he cared for a lot when they were children. Now he hopes the role of father will be like cycling, and that he has not forgotten the tricks he learned.

– I feel relaxed, but at the same time a little scared.

The future father may also reveal that they have decided on a name, but he does not want to reveal what is right yet.

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