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Ben Platt does not pull "Taylor Swift" with his new album


Much of Ben Platt's debut album, "Sing to Me Instead," is inspired by previous loves, but he laughs at the idea that maybe he could pull a Taylor Swift.

Platt says that the songs are more about emotions than details, so there's no need to head-up former friends.

"I had no need to give any warnings," he said recently. "Thankfully, nobody wrongly says anything … I'm sure if these people ever found out I had written about them, they are sure that they would agree with me that the emotional experience was what I was addressed. "

He says there is something cathartic about looking through the lens of the music.

"I've always laughed a bit when Taylor Swift talks about relationships, and she can only keep going if she puts it in a song, but that's true."

The album not only puts his exes in the rearview mirror, but also the distance between Platt and his role, won the Tony Award in "Dear Evan Hansen". Little on the album it's reminiscent of the songs of the hit Broadway musical; Instead, the "Sing to Me Instead" is a soul-filled project.

For Platt, it was important that his first album as an artist took him a different path than the music he played in his acting roles (he played the nerdy Benji in "Pitch Perfect" and its sequel).

Ben Platt, who won Best Actor Tony Award for "Dear Evan Hansen" in 2017, has released his debut album "Sing to Me Instead" and will be touring North America in May. He also talks about the proximity to the EGOT status. (10th of April)

"I really wanted to make sure it's the stylistic and musical thing I like the most and what I like to sing," Platt said, citing James Taylor, Carole King and Donny Hathaway as examples.

Anyone who comes to his star when his concert starts in May and expects to get a dose of "Dear Evan Hansen" will notice the following: Platt does not sing a song of the show on his tour.

But he did not completely leave this character behind.

Universal Pictures – and Platt's producer Dad Marc Platt – have secured the film rights to "Dear Evan Hansen," and he has not ruled out repeating the role on the big screen.

"I know it's in development and written. Of course that would be a wonderful thing that I would like to be part of, "he said.

In the meantime, his next acting role is much darker than the one with which he was most identified.

Platt plays Ryan Murphy's upcoming Netflix series "The Politician" and plays a wealthy, morally challenged teenager trying to win an election to secure his place at Harvard. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange and Zoey Deutch are also stars.

Platt said Murphy was looking for him in "Dear Evan Hansen".

He said, "You were this open book, that sweet, empathetic, and very easy-to-anchor (character). And I want you to play someone who is sensitive and sociopathic, has a lot of hubris and is a kind of brat. I would like to invite you to turn your head completely, "recalls Platt. "I was like," What more could you ask for as an actor? "




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