Ben Sullivan, the Celtics’ trump card against the Bucks

In the conference semi-finals, it is often the details that make the difference in a 7-game series. And the Boston Celtics may have a small advantage before the very start of the series against the defending champions the Milwaukee Bucks, or at least an advantage. It is Ben Sullivan, assistant d’Ime Udokaand who was on the bench for the Bucks from 2018 to 2021. He therefore knows the defending champions and all their systems perfectly.

“So you know the nuances of what they’re trying to do, their verbal language, and somehow how they’re different. Said Ime Udoka

In the first round it was Ime Udoka, former Nets assistant, who had valuable information, this time he counted on Sullivan, who was already on the staff of Mike Budenholzer in 2014 at the Hawks.

“It gives you a glimpse of what they’re doing and that’s even more important in the playoffs,” said Marcus Smart. “There are 7 games to find solutions. So when you have guys who have the experience of the team we’re going to face, it definitely helps to have them on your side. They know how to set up the game plan.”

Having guys who are familiar with the teams we’re playing gives us some information and that sort of thing, but it’s not like having the answers to an exam,” said Jayson Tatum. “You still have to go out there, execute and make things happen. »

Then containing Giannis Antetokounmpo is always easier in theory than in practice. For Udoka, it will above all be necessary to limit his easy baskets in transition and near the circle.

“In front of Giannis you have to put in place a collective defense,” said Udoka. “As with the previous series, we feel we have a lot of versatility and size, so we can offer him several defenses. It’s his game. I believe he’s second in the league in points in the key and obviously his game in transition puts him on the pace.

See you tomorrow at 7 p.m. for this first game of chess.

Via Mass Live