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Benalla case: "We have certainly played down," admits Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Macron acknowledged that the presidential couple did not take sufficient account of the Benalla affair. "Personally, I was surprised at the extent it has taken," conceded the wife of Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with RTL and broadcast this Thursday night. "I had very little to do with him [Benalla], so I was a little surprised. "

"We certainly minimized, certainly," admits the first lady of France. "Maybe we should have said right away, there is a problem." But it's not so easy because it's human. People who work with us, overnight you can not say 'well no, you do not work with us', "she says.

Asked about the yellow jacket crisis, Brigitte Macron admits that the presidential couple "did not see it coming" but "I do not think he [Emmanuel Macron] has downplayed it". "I was scared for France. It does not happen by violence, it's not like that we advance, "she said.

"We do not have immediate answers to everything"

In this interview, the wife of the Head of State also addressed the staff of the emergency services, on strike for more than three months. "I want to tell them how proud I am of our hospital, our health care system. I think it's one of the best in the world. We must be very careful and safeguard it. A top priority, "she explains. Brigitte Macron adds that the hospital is at the heart of the president's concerns. "We know how essential they are. These are not just words. I have absolute confidence in the medicine of our country. "

About her husband, Brigitte Macron explains that she has never seen him in a difficult situation. He works, he works without stopping. He asks questions, he answers these questions, he finds solutions, "she says.

Has the President of the Republic made mistakes since taking office? "Everyone does, it's deeply human and fortunately we make mistakes. He is only a man. We do not have immediate answers to everything and I think that time will pay tribute to him, "says Brigitte Macron.

She wants to "help people"

The wife of the Head of State adds: "I have deep confidence in him. We are there, one for the other without stopping, 24 out of 24. We are totally fusional. We have things to say to each other, sometimes not friendly. We are a pretty muscular couple. We say things. But she specifies that it happens "always closed doors". "As a rule, we stay on our positions. But I measure – and I say that for all the presidents – what falls on their shoulders. It is Atlas, this god who carries the earth's vault. "

Finally, Brigitte Macron said she wanted to "help people" by engaging in charity work with sick children or against harassment. She was recently elected president of the Fondation H├┤pitaux de Paris – Hospitals of France, taking over from Bernadette Chirac. "I'm in the street every day, people talk to me […] I'm a transmission belt," she says, declaring "happy, undoubtedly" at the Elysee.


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