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Benalla: Collomb and Macron are still talking to each other, but …

The new mayor of Lyon also spoke of the Benalla affair to justify his resignation from the Ministry of the Interior.

Are Gérard Collomb and Emmanuel Macron still talking to each other? "It happens to us." This is a response for the least fresh given this morning, on Europe 1, the one who has just returned to his chair of Lyon, Monday. Gérard Collomb resigned from the Ministry of the Interior on October 3 after announcing his intention to do so, taking everyone by surprise in an interview at The Express.

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Why did he leave? We suspected it a little, but Gerard Collomb said it this time more clearly: the course of the Benalla case is a big part of his decision. "It is clear that I did not count, when coming to the Ministry of the Interior, to be involved in such stories. (…) I felt a little lonely in front of the skid, which was very small at the beginning, of one person." "Yes, it shocked me a bit," added the new mayor of Lyon, including "the fact of being faced with this investigation, where, suddenly, you have one million three hundred thousand people who you see witness for a story that does not concern you in any way. "

Government crisis

In mid-July, after the creation of a commission of inquiry in the National Assembly, the tenant of Beauvau was one of the first to be auditioned. Observers had noted that the minister had discarded the prefecture and the Elysee and did not wish to support the presidency.

With his resignation from the Ministry of the Interior, Gerard Collomb has been the detonator of one of the biggest government crises since the beginning of the mandate of Emmanuel Macron. The departure of Nicolat Hulot had already weakened the building, that of Lyon came from the foundations of the macronie: Gérard Collomb was, very early, the first heavyweight to join the future president.


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