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Benalla has "never been protected by the Elysee" says Macron

Alexandre Benalla was dismissed by the Elysee Palace on July 22, 201. – Christophe Ena / AP / SIPA

Alexandre Benalla has "never been protected by the Elysee," said Thursday Emmanuel Macron, adding that his former collaborator, in the midst of a scandal that shook the power, had committed "very serious mistakes".
"There has never been a prebend for Alexandre Benalla at the Elysee, he has never been protected by the Elysee," said the head of state. "Am I sorry to have hired him at the Élysée? Not because I think it was extremely consistent with the values ​​I wear (…) This is probably why I want him even more, "he added.

"He made very serious mistakes. Do we know everything today? I do not know, he has the right to the presumption of innocence, too, like any citizen in the Republic, "added Emmanuel Macron about his ex-collaborator indicted for including hit demonstrators May 1 in Paris .

"I did not know everything"

"But because of this, although never protected by the Elysee, who sanctioned it, who then fired and who has never sought to protect him with respect to any administrative service (that either) or the general public, he did not give a good image, "said Emmanuel Macron. Alexandre Benalla was dismissed by the Elysee Palace on July 22, 2018.

The head of state said he did not regret "the choices made at other times, because I did not know everything". "When you decide to employ someone, there is a risk and responsibility that goes with it. That's my responsibility, that's it. But we have probably done a lot on this case, maybe too much, "he concluded.


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