Benedict Cumberbatch: Curious facts about the actor of Dr Strange

Definitely, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most recognized British actors in the film industry for his work as Dr Strange in the Marvel Studios franchise, in addition to participating in several critically acclaimed films such as the power of the dog.

Today he turns 46after a long acting career and rising to fame for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the film Hawking 2004 and his famous role as Sherlock Holmes in the television series Sherlock.

Therefore, we tell you a couple of curious facts about the renowned actor and Emmy winner, who has positioned himself as one of the most important actors today.

She is related to royalty

In accordance with Ancestry.comit was discovered that the actor Benedict Cumberbatch is a cousin of Arthur Conan Doylethe author of the book Sherlock Holmes in sixteenth grade. At the same time, both are linked to the Duke of Lancaster, John of Gauntfourth son of King Edward III of England.

He has heterochromia in his eyes

El actor Benedict Cumberbatch have a relatively rare genetic mutation called central heterochromia, which causes people to have eyes of different colors or more than one color. The actor’s eyes have a unique combination of blue, green and gold.

Taught English classes in India

Benedict Cumberbatch took a gap year and volunteered to teach English in the city of Darjeeling, India young people who lived in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. This was before he started studying at the University of Manchester.

He is famous since childhood

The actor knew fame since he was born, being the son of Timothy Carlton and Wanda Veentham, two well-known British actors in the United Kingdom. So from a very young age, Benedict Cumberbatch was familiar with the world of acting, cameras and fame. His parents even played the parents of his Sherlock Holmes character.

He was on the verge of not dedicating himself to acting

From a very young age his desire was to be an actor. Nevertheless, when he grew up he decided to study law to become a lawyer. However, when he entered college he realized that the competition was similar, so he made the decision to follow his dreams in acting.