Benefit concert: Doctors play for poor families – court

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, the Therese Stöcker Foundation had asked whether Scheruhn and his colleagues would play for the foundation one day, and now it’s finally working. “The foundation supports families in the Naila, Berg and Lichtenberg area, and since we’ve only ever done benefit concerts, we gladly agreed,” reports Scheruhn. The concert also includes a very moving story about a family from the Franconian Forest, which shows how great the need is at times. Most recently, the ensemble had set the instruments for the forest kindergarten in Lichtenberg and for the Hofer Lebenshilfe. “There’s a lot on the program from Bach and Shostakovich to Coldplay and Queen,” explains Dominik Scheruhn. As a guest there is drum ace André Fourie. And the ensemble’s list of other ideas is long.