Benefit concert with the “Steve Taylor Blues Band”: SIN brought music to Ebernhahn

Message from 11/05/2022

By Wolfgang Rabsch

All blues and rock fans from the Westerwald could look forward to this: On Friday (November 4th) a solidarity concert for the benefit of the needy took place in the Rosenheckhalle in Ebernhahn. The organizer of this highlight was the association Solidarity in der Not (SIN), which takes care of the needy from the region, but also from the Ahr Valley.

(Photos: Wolfgang Rabsch)

boar cock. The board of SIN managed a coup to organize a benefit concert and to engage the blues and rock band “Steve Taylor Blues Band” (STBB), which is very well known in the region. At STBB there were no lengthy discussions about volunteering for a good cause. After all, a good 100 spectators found their way into the beautifully decorated hall, the focus of which was clearly the professionally prepared concert stage.

Before the concert began, Sascha Uvira and Gregor Nelles, the chairmen of SIN, got the audience in the mood for the concert and briefly touched on the idea behind it. SIN supports around 2,000 needy people in the Westerwald, who come from ten associated municipalities and around 90 local municipalities to the issuing office in Ebernhahn. The help also extends to the needy who can no longer be taken in by food banks and to refugees from the Ukraine, but there is also support for the victims of the flood disaster on the Ahr. Without the great personal commitment of the members of the association, the mammoth task would not be possible, especially since the association fights week after week to generate funds for the urgently needed food. Around 2,000 euros per week are needed to meet the minimum requirements.

An evening for the music
The benefit evening should now not only serve to talk about problems, but to switch off and indulge in the music of STBB unchecked. There was a great deal of cheering and applause when it was announced that the band performed without a fee.

Many association members were astonished that only a few “municipalities” were present from the associated municipalities and local municipalities that benefit from the use of SIN. Thomas Schenkelberg, the mayor of Ebernhahn, spoke a few words of welcome and thanked SIN for their great commitment. Oliver Götsch, the new municipal mayor from Selters, freshly elected but only in office from March 2023, also supported the campaign with his presence and his wife.

The three-hour concert delighted the audience
When enough of the words had been exchanged, the band could finally start at full throttle. It was to be an evening full of musical surprises, as the band was supported on some songs by strong-voiced female singers. After STBB had set the style of the evening with their first song “Stormy Monday”, namely presenting blues and rock, Eva Kern entered the stage, who is certainly well remembered by many as the singer of the successful Westerwald cover band “Bosskopp”. Eva has that certain something in her voice that sounds like soul, funk and blues. The first two songs that Eva performed with STBB were real classics: “I shot the Sheriff” by Eric Clapton and “The thrill is gone” by the godfather of the blues, “Mr. BB King”. Not every song can be listed here, actually everyone deserves it, but unfortunately that’s impossible. Representing all the other three tracks: “Hold on I’m Coming” by Sam & Dave, “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson, and “Superstition” by Steve Wonder.

Goosebumps were generated when Eva sang “I’d rather go blind” in memory of the recently deceased guitarist Alex from STBB. There was no stopping the audience when the guitarists Joe and Henric dressed up as ZZ Top with full beards, hats and sunglasses and rocked the Haller with “Sharp dressed man”.

Viktoria Babenko, who performed a song sung in Ukrainian with a wonderful voice, received a lot of applause. The happy band was only allowed to leave the stage after stormy demands for encores. So a successful evening came to a musical end, but that didn’t mean that the party was over. It is to be wished for the members of the SIN association that a considerable sum remains from the benefit event, with which the association can continue to fulfill its tasks.

Facts about STBB
The Steve Taylor Blues Band (STBB) has been one of the most sought-after and most versatile blues formations in the Rhineland for years. STBB are five committed blues musicians that can only be found in the Rhine-Moselle Delta near Koblenz.
The band is named after the Englishman Steve Taylor (drums). Apparently he voodoo-wise cast his last name on the other boys on the spot. Steve’s drums and Henric’s ingenious fingers (bass, double bass) form the dynamic and excellent rhythm group and ensure the unmistakable Taylor groove. With this sound behind him, Joe (guitar) insists on building up his driving guitar sound. When Martin (lead vocals, harp) shouts his vocals, carries the audience away and howls his excellent blues harp, then the blues heart leaps for joy. Last but not least, there would be Pete (piano, Hammond), who virtuously lets his fingers fly over the keys and completes the unmistakable style of the band. (Wolfgang Rabsch)

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