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Historic day at Giuliano Tartufi spa in Pietralunga: on Wednesday 28 April an agreement was signed with the Flai-Cgil Umbria trade union which allows company employees to access important welfare services and in particular supplementary health care.

At the meeting, together with Giuliano Martinelli, owner of Giuliano Tartufi, were present Michele Greco, general secretary of Flai-Cgil Umbria, and Luca Turcheria of Flai Cgil Umbria, Alto Tevere area. During the workers’ union assembly, the first registrations of membership in Flai-Cgil Umbria were collected from most of the employees.

Thus continues the path undertaken for some time by Giuliano Tartufi, aimed at implementing its corporate welfare plan and increasing the level of quality of life of its workers. “I believe that with this signing – commented Giuliano Martinelli – a new period of growth and great collaboration will open: this will certainly bring benefits to both parties. To be at the forefront of everything, it is essential to touch the most important sector: the well-being of workers ”.

The company, which has been operating in the truffle sector for 40 years and in the canned food sector for 30 years, has reached a workforce of 67 employees, including 48 women and 19 men. “In the last year – continued Martinelli – we have become aware of the difficulties, often reported by our employees, in accessing health services of various kinds, both for themselves and for their families. The distance from neighboring inhabited centers, the fear of leaving the country’s natural isolation, the difficulties in making reservations, perhaps for more complex services, have at times contributed to ‘giving up’ to undergo routine checks “.

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From now on, Giuliano Tartufi employees will be able to enjoy a series of benefits, such as the possibilities offered by the Fasa Fund for supplementary health care aimed specifically at workers in the food industry. An insurance in favor of employees, also extended to the partner and dependent children, which gives access, in the event of illness or injury, to a wide range of health services and benefits.

Luca Turcheria expressed his willingness to help all employees, in support of the personnel office, in all the practices concerning the Fund and other needs that will arise.

As per correct industrial relations, which presuppose a constructive dialogue between the company and the workers aimed at the collective good, periodic meetings will be held, aimed at illustrating all the innovations introduced in the food / industry sector.


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