Benefits for the heart, brain, eyes and much more: they are the healthiest fruits ever and they are very tasty

There are fruits that can shock us about how healthy they are for our bodies. This will really throw you off.

An excellent ally for the care of our health, fruit has always played a fundamental role in our diet. There are some, however, that turn out to be a real “bomb” of defenses.

Unfortunately, many are not as tasty to eat or taste as good. This is certainly not the case with this “superfruit”, which has been found on Italian tables for centuries.

What is the healthiest fruit of all

Il blueberryscientifically called Vacciniumbelongs to the family of Ericaceae. Blueberries are considered “superfruits” view of the abundant polyphenolic compound, which has strong antioxidant capacity and to help keep the body healthy in so many different ways.

They also contain vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber, and are sometimes exploited for their health-promoting properties. The worldwide distributors of blueberries are United States, Canada, China and Chile.

What are all the benefits of blueberry (

Blueberries may be small in size, but they can offer so many health benefits. From controlling blood sugar and improving heart health to keeping the digestive system functioning and protecting the body from stress, there are so many benefits of this fruit. Here they are all:

  • Antioxidants: Blueberries contain one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in any fruit, making them an excellent choice for breakfast dressing, adding to salads or snacking throughout the day.
  • Vitamin C: like many other berries, they contain high levels of vitamin C which has many essential functions in our body. They include protecting and keeping cells healthy, maintaining healthy skin, blood and bones, and the normal functioning of our immune system.
  • Fibre: blueberries also contain soluble fiber, which helps keep your digestive system healthy and moving. The fiber in blueberries is also a food source for the good bacteria in your gut.
  • Few calories: Low in calories but high in nutrients, blueberries are a fantastic way for dieters to enjoy something sweet. These luscious berries are a satisfying and healthy dessert choice, whether you eat them on their own, in a fruit salad, or whipped into a tasty smoothie. Use blueberries to replace the sugary sweets you usually enjoy and satisfy those cravings while taking care of your body.
  • For the skin: Blueberry topical skin care products can help with skin health due to their high levels of anthocyanins (phytochemicals). Additional studies have also found that topical products containing anthocyanins can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to their antioxidant properties.
blueberries what to know
Healthy fruits? Blueberries are a great choice (
  • Blood sugar control: test-tube studies have concluded that the anthocyanins in blueberries may have a beneficial effect on maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Additionally, further research in humans has found that blueberries can improve insulin sensitivity. Blueberries are also thought to affect blood sugar levels immediately after a high-carb meal by blocking certain digestive enzymes and reducing blood sugar spikes.
  • Heart health: studies have found that there is a link between berries (including blueberries) — or flavonoid-rich foods — and good heart health. This is due to their ability to inhibit the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, a key factor in heart disease.
  • Brain Health: foods rich in flavonoids, such as blueberries, have also been linked to improved brain function. It is believed that eating blueberries can prevent oxidative stress, which plays an important role in the aging process. They are even thought to slow brain aging and support memory function.

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