Benfica CP Calafell Hockey Champions League

Rewrite this content GAME SUMMARY Champions League 1st round of group A FINAL RESULTINT. 4-1 Benfica 5 CP Calafell 3 bookmarks Pablo Alvarez 7’Lucas Ordonez 9’Gonçalo Pinto 9’Pablo Alvarez 20’Robert DiBenedetto 49′ Humberto Mendes 17’Jordi Ferrer 34’Joan Escala 47′ O Benfica hosted CP Calafell at Pavilhão Fidelidade, in a match for the 1st round of group A of the Roller Hockey Champions League. After a completely incarnate first half and a restart with uncertainty on the scoreboard until the final minute, the eagles won by 5-3! Start of the group stage at home, with the support of the unrivaled Benfiquistas present in the stands, witnessing, this Thursday, January 26, Benfica’s dominant entry into this stage of the European competition. And it couldn’t have a better start! Minute 1and the eagles, through a foul by Martí Casas on Edu Lamas, benefited from the marking a penalty. In the conversion, Diogo Rafael saw Gerard Camps deny him the goal. Calafell’s immediate response, by Martí Casas, to force Pedro Henriques to show his attributes among the incarnated posts. It wasn’t at 1’… it was at 7′! Pablo Alvarezin the execution of a set-piece, after a foul suffered, was irreproachable and inaugurated the score at the Fidelidade Pavilion. After the goal was conceded, Ferran López, coach of the Spanish team, ordered the match to stop. reattach and Benfica’s goal. Fruit of a studied move, Lucas Ordonez extended the result to 2-0. And as there are no two without three, same minute (9′) the 3-0. Gonçalo Pinto entered, saw and scored! More comfortable and confident, the reds limited their opponents’ opportunities and played with more rhythm and intensity; Calafell was forced to take a risk, with long distance sticks. At 16′ Roberto Di Benedetto was the protagonist of a great move. The French universal won the ball, lifted it and shot, but the shot hit the crossbar. In the next minute, Calafell reduced (3-1) for Humberto Mendes. Benfica replied, for Edu Lamasbut the goal was disallowed by skid touching the ball. After three minutes (20′), new free kick taken by Pablo Álvarez, to double in the match. until the break o 4-1 has not changed. Those commanded by Nuno Resende returned from rest with the same intensity and wanting more. Several attacks, namely by Roberto Di Benedetto, earning Gerard Camps some difficult saves. At 34′, Jordi Ferrer did the 4-2 and put the result open. Exciting, fast-paced game with the protagonists on the court to surrender and put on a show. Benfica needed the goal of tranquility, but the more offensive record of the Spaniards in this second half made any and all attempts difficult. At 45′, Gonçalo Pinto fouled Martí Casas, who benefited from a direct free-kick. In face to face with Pedro Henriquesthe guardian of eagles got the better of. With a numerical disadvantage, due to the exclusion of Gonçalo Pinto, Nuno Resende asked for a time-out. Calafell took advantage of the situation and, through John Escala (47′), approximated the beads in 4-3. With three minutes to play and a lot of uncertainty on the scoreboard, the eagles’ team took aim at the Spanish goal and went on the attack. THE 32 seconds from the end, Robert DiBenedetto dispelled doubts as to the winner of the match. Benfica’s fair triumph in the 1st round of the Champions League group stage, by 5-3! Turning the focus to National Championshipthe incarnates face the Sporting no Sunday, January 29, at 3 pm, at the João Rocha Pavilionstarting on the 15th round of the 1st phase. DECLARATIONS Nuno Resende (Benfica coach): “We could and should have had a victory of another kind. I warned that the opposing team was dangerous on a physical level, defensive and strong in direct play. We did an extraordinary job in the first line. Our first half was very positive, penalty for the ball stop and the penalty missed. 4-1 is too short for what we produced. In the second half they scored when we had the opportunity to undo the opposing goalkeeper. The 4-3 is another surreal goal and, afterwards, we were in a situation in which everything can throw the three points to the ground. We knew how to suffer and be cohesive. This is the Champions League. The players are to be congratulated.” Benfica-CP Calafell5-3Loyalty Pavilion Benfica’s starting five Pedro Henriques, Edu Lamas, Nil Roca, Pablo Álvarez and Lucas Ordoñez Deputies Bernardo Mendes, Diogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolía, Roberto Di Benedetto and Gonçalo Pinto Initial five of CP Calafell Gerard Camps, Jordi Ferrer, Joan Escala, Sergi Miras and Martí Casas Deputies Marc Solans, Francisco Fernández-Avila, Arnau Xaus, Oriol Palau and Humberto Mendes to the break 4-1 Goals Benfica: Pablo Álvarez (7′ and 20′), Lucas Ordoñez (9′), Gonçalo Pinto (9′) and Roberto Di Benedetto (49′); CP Calafell: Humberto Mendes (17′), Jordi Ferrer (34′) and Joan Escala (47′) marker march 1-0; 2-0; 3-1; 4-1; 4-2; 4-3; 5-3
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