Bengoa believes that in Euskadi “the perfect storm” has been created with the covid in “frank community expansion”

He believes that raising the state of alarm on May 9 is “playing with fire”


The Public Health expert and former adviser to US President Barack Obama, Rafael Bengoa, believes that “the perfect storm” has been created in the Basque Country with the covid-19 pandemic in “frank community expansion”, and has called for more restrictions.

In addition, he pointed out that the high rate of infections that the Basque Autonomous Community has experienced during which it has been called ‘fourth wave’, is due to the fact that the restrictions imposed are “quite light”, and that those that exist are not applied “well “.

In his opinion, the sum of these and other factors have been creating “the perfect storm” and the virus is “in frank community expansion”, which is why he has called for the adoption of restrictions.

In statements to Europa Press Televisión, Bengoa has assured that, although sometimes the Basque citizens do not have that impression, “everything is practically open”, to which, in his opinion, it must be added that the (measures) are not applied well that exist, so that favorable conditions are created for the incidence to rise.

To all this, he added that his “impression” is that the Basque Country continues without the “tracking” capacity it needs to effectively track all the cases that may exist, and to control the outbreaks that may occur. “And a very high cumulative incidence has passed us again,” he indicated.

In his opinion, it is “practically impossible” to know what this increase in infections is due to, as has been attributed to the mobility of Easter or the crowds due to the Copa del Rey finals, although he has stated that it would be “practically the sum of all “.

For all these reasons, the Public Health expert has emphasized that in Euskadi it is “at the starting point again, and quite important decisions will have to be made these days.”

At this point, the former Basque Minister of Health has said that it would be necessary to “go back” in the decision that the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV) made in its day, which lifted restrictions on the hotel industry “in contrary to what the Basque Government itself was saying, “and to continue to prohibit also,” obviously, any mass event, which is hyper-contagious ‘per se’, and to continue accelerating the vaccination process “.

The control of the “fourth wave”, he continued exposing, depends not so much on vaccination as on the behavior of the Basques. “We will see that in a month. We have seen it in the mortality of the elderly, but in the rest, where the whole world is being infected, especially in the young, that incidence continues to rise, and some need to be done. restrictions “, has asserted.


Rafael Bengoa has been especially critical of the lifting of the state of alarm on May 9, which he has considered to be “playing with fire.” Although he believes that this decision will finally be “reconsidered”, he has said that it is “important” to think “again from a purely public health perspective, not from a political perspective.”

“From the point of view of Public Health, it is convenient to continue with this alarm, and the signal for me would be very very positive for the population, which is beginning to be quite fed up with the dissonances that exist between political parties when there is a virus in front of them”, has said.

For this reason, he believes that “it would be interesting if, for the first time in a year, all the political parties agreed to continue with the state of alarm.” “Parliament says yes, it will last two more months, vaccines will have already impacted and we can have a civilized summer,” he clarified.



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