Benjamín Carrera urgently needs to donate food for brigade members

Chihuahua.- Given the number of fires that are recorded in the mountainous areas of the state of Chihuahua, Deputy Benjamín Carrera Chávez invited citizens to support with water and food in different collection centers.

The conditions of drought and neglect of natural areas in the state have maintained several fronts against fires in recent weeks, which the deputy lamented when warning that it is the beginning of the season.

“Dozens of brigades have been organized to put out the fire, almost 500 Chihuahuans who try to control the ice god every day to protect our land, unfortunately the conditions are not ideal, they need water, food and tools, that is why we are organizing collection,” said the deputy.

He invited the people of Chihuahua to show solidarity with the brigadistas, with bottles of water and cans of food in the different collection centers that will be installed in the State Congress building, as well as the deputy’s liaison house in Cuauhtémoc and Ciudad Juárez.

He recalled that in the State Congress more food can be delivered from Monday to Friday; as well as other points that the citizens opened, in Aldama in Martínez photography, 6th street and Constitución and Hierbería “El Koreano” 2nd street in the main square from 9:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the afternoon.

In Juárez, the Valle de Juárez Regional Museum; The Pleurotera in the Cerro de la Plata 6510 colony Lomas de San José; next Wednesday the deputy will make the first delivery of the support collected in Cuauhtémoc.

Carrera Chávez thanked the citizens for the interest they have shown in this tragedy that Chihuahua is experiencing, the drought and the destruction of the forest in the mountains, today the main fires are in Guerrero, Madera, Bocoyna and Urique, and that have affected almost 7 thousand hectares.

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