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Benny Goodman, 35th anniversary of his passing

by archyw

The firmament of Music is not free of holes and worms, but also, as in life itself, of limpid stars that illuminate with permanent brilliance the universe of this circumstantial passage between when we are born and when we die, without knowing that perhaps an Einstein bridge -Rosen (what comes to be called a wormhole in the world of physics), with its hypothetical topological characteristic of a space-time, described in the equations of general relativity, can break the schemes, as in Interstellar, giving us with a shortcut through space and time. Today and here, we commemorate the 35th anniversary of the passing of the King of Swing, clarinetist Benny Goodman.

Two Sundays ago we celebrated the birth of this famous American artist, a native of Chicago (May 30, 1909), and today we commemorate with his presence the 35th anniversary of his death, which occurred in New York on June 13, 1986. 30 years before his death, in 1956, the film The Benny Goodman Story was released, directed by Valentine Davies and starring the beautiful actress Donna Reed, with Steve Allen in the role of Benny Goodman.

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