Bentley has a new flagship model, the extended Bentayga SUV

The successful Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV arrived in 2015, has undergone modernization, and now it is time for a completely new body version designed for those who want to use their SUV with a driver while they are driven in the back seat.

The new model, called EWB as Extended Wheelbase, is extended by 180 mm between the axles. All extra space is for rear passengers.

At first, it will be available exclusively with a four-liter eight-cylinder petrol engine with two turbochargers, 550 horsepower and a maximum torque of 770 Nm. An automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are a matter of course.

The EWB also introduces a new rear-wheel drive system that reduces turning radius and improves stability at high speeds, a feature that Bentley first appeared in the Flying Spur sedan in 2019 and more recently in the Continental GT. Despite the extra length, the novelty’s 11.8 m turning diameter is actually 0.6 m smaller than the standard wheelbase model.

From the outside, of course, you can recognize the new version by the longer rear doors, but also by the radiator grille with vertical slats. But the most important thing takes place indoors.

Customers have a choice of three rear layout options: a luxury two-seater, a classic bench for three people and a pair combination called “4 + 1”, which has a small seat between two larger armchairs.

The EWB will also offer a new type of climate seat that senses the passenger’s body temperature and surface humidity and adjusts the ambient temperature and airflow for comfort. It can also scan pressure points in the passenger seat and make “micro adjustments” for maximum comfort.

There are a number of new trim options: a new, sophisticated type of diamond stitching, a perforated door pattern that is backlit by LEDs and a separate ionisation system for the extended rear space.

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