Benzema, the revolution?


With no success at the forefront, Karim Benzema seems to be enjoying a distributor role at Real Madrid.

The victory (1-2) of the real Madrid Sunday at Malaga could mark the beginning of a revolution for Karim Benzema . Despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo , put at rest, the French striker did not find the way of the goals. And for good reason, the one with only eight goals in his 36 games since the start of the season, seemed to lose interest in his role as scorer. Particularly collective, the former Lyonnais has indeed tried to play for others, multiplying the passes for its partners in attack. according to AS , the French has signed no less than 31 passes in the opposite camp, more than some of his friends in the midfield. And one of them, delivered in full surface for Isco after a double contact, was at the origin of Casemiro’s goal on the 2-0.

He too would like to put goals.

Zinedine Zidane

Once is not custom, Zinedine Zidane was not the only one to emphasize this work of the shade for the collective. AS , often quick to criticize the striker tricolor, has indeed also put forward the new role held by Karim Benzema, even if it seems by default. ” Benzema reinvents itself into a sort of midfielder, almost by obligation, Is it so written in the Madrilenian daily? The Frenchman seems to have given up hope of scoring goals as a real number nine. At the Rosaleda, he preferred to stay in the role his coach evoked during his contract extension: ‘a modern striker is not just scoring goals’. ” But Zinedine Zidane did not give up the hope to see his countryman find his costume scorer. “He too would like to put goals in. Karim is a good player, he plays well with others, he has had opportunities to score, but you have to be patient, he played very well and he only missed the goal. It’s complicated in goals this season, but there are still games to play ” said the former world champion.


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