Nadja, two years old, from Tennessee, is seriously ill. Your heart is no longer working properly. Your only chance to bridge the waiting period before a donor organ is transplanted is to implant a cardiac assist system. Berlin Heart GmbH specializes in such systems, and its Excor Pediatric cardiac support system is the only one approved for children and infants.

“Our systems support about 200 children a year,” says Natalie Taylor, Marketing Director of Berlin Heart. It works closely with 180 heart transplant centers in more than 40 countries on all five continents. In these patients are cared for who are on a waiting list for a donor organ. About 12 percent of the implantations of Excor-Pediatric systems are carried out in German hospitals. According to Berlin Heart, the market is quite stable.

There are 500 cardiac catheter laboratories in Germany, but only 78 centers that also implanted cardiac support systems, so-called VADs, explains Taylor. And only three centers performed more than 200 such interventions on adults and children each year.

Always the ultimate ratio

In the German Heart Center Berlin (DHZB) alone, a good 200 Excor pediatric implants have been implanted, according to Christian Maier, head of the Communication and Marketing department at the DHZB. “This is how we performed most of the Excor-Pediatric systems in the German Heart Center Berlin,” says Maier. “Because we have the world’s greatest expertise in this field, parents even came to us with their children from Excor Pediatric with the ambulance jet,” he continues.


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