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Berlin prepares for national mini-Olympics

Olympic Park

Central sports venue of the "Finals 2019": the Olympic Park in Berlin. Photo: Paul Zinken

(Photo: AP)

But hardly anyone knows what this new event of superlatives is all about.

What are "The Finals – Berlin 2019"?

For the first time, ten sports will be bundling their German champions on a weekend in a city. The organizers are following the example of the European Championships that took place last year in Glasgow and Berlin (athletics).

According to the organizers, 194 champions in 155 disciplines in athletics, track cycling, boxing, canoeing, modern pentathlon, swimming, diving, archery, triathlon and gymnastics will be crowned.

When and where will the finals take place?

Central sports venue will be on the weekend, 3./4. August the Berlin Olympic Park be: Here are the championships in athletics (Olympic Stadium), archery (Maifield) and boxes (dome hall) instead, the modern pentathlon and triathlon should have at least their destination on the site. Gymnastics will take place in the Max-Schmeling-Halle, swimming and water jumping in the swimming and jumping hall in the Europasportpark, track cycling in the Velodrom. The Canoe Championships are held in direct duel on two and not on nine lanes – and in a "central, well-known place in the city," announced Berlin's Secretary of State for Sport Aleksander Dzembritzki on request of the German Press Agency. The exact location will be announced on Thursday, 100 days before the finals.

How many spectators are expected?

The organizers expect about 55,000 spectators. "The simultaneous family sports festival of the Landessportbundes attracts another 75,000 visitors to the Olympic Park," says Secretary of State Dzembritzki. "In good weather, we especially expect the free open air events with lots of guests." Especially the athletes hope for more popularity than in the previous year in Nuremberg, when not even 15,000 spectators per day of competition came. "It is important that we get people into the stadium," said J├╝rgen Kessing, President of the German Athletics Federation, who sees a "special challenge".

Where will the finals be broadcast?

The public broadcasters want to report extensively – as usual with the long winter sports routes. The first transmits virtually all day from 10:00 to just before 19:50 on 3 August, the second from 10:00 to 19:00 on 4 August. In addition, all competitions in full length on ARD and ZDF to be seen live on the Internet.

What is the budget for the "Finals 2019"?

The state of Berlin is investing around three million euros for the first edition of the multi-sport event. "We are proud that Berlin will be the first host of this innovative concept," said Andreas Geisel, Berlin Senator for Home Affairs and Sports, at the presentation of the event concept, "we will support the new format in the best possible way: ideally, organizationally and financially."

All sports facilities already exist and do not need to be upgraded, Geisel emphasized. He assumes that "the economic benefits bring". 3,500 athletes will arrive, and around 2,000 helpers will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sports

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