Berlin Stage – Appointment – ​​From today your name is Sara

Inge grew up in a social democratic house. In 1933, the 10-year-old’s mother revealed that she was “Jewish”. Inge is only slowly realizing what this will mean for her.
“From today your name is Sara,” a police officer said to 16-year-old Inge in 1938 and stamped a J on her ID card – J for Jew. From now on everything changes in the life of the self-confident Berliner. Inge and her mother stayed in Berlin – like all Jews, exposed to ostracism and persecution by the Nazis. Otto Weidt, the owner of a workshop for the blind, employs Inge in his office, in defiance of all laws. But after the deportations began in 1941, Inge and her mother felt compelled to go into hiding.

The play, based on the autobiographical book “I wore the yellow star” by Inge Deutschkron, tells in 33 pictures, songs and music scenes about the fear of the persecuted, about the people who helped Inge and her mother and became “silent heroes” for them, of a lost childhood and, last but not least, of the fighting courage of a young girl who doesn’t give up.


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