Berlin start-up Rübbelberg: Glory to the egg liqueur!

Eierlikör creates images in your head. Senior living room, oil painting with mountain motif, a coffee party. Older women ponder delicately on high-stemmed liqueur bowls. This image does not want to fit the hip Berlin start-up world and representatives of this scene like Christopher Leidinger, Philipp Nagel and Sebastian Tigges. But the full-bodied claim with which they approach the product is definitely fitting: “We are helping egg liqueur to regain the fame and splendor that it has always deserved,” says the company website, which is named after its new brand: Rubbelberg.

The three founders are sales professionals, especially Leidinger is a full-time professional. He is the owner of an agency that advises clients such as Airbnb or Comdirect on brand and design. Leidinger, Nagel and Tigges got to know each other through mutual friends. A close friendship developed from this. “In the summer of 2017, we sat at lunch and came from stick to stick to egg liqueur,” remembers Nagel. In conversation we find out: We all have memories of the sweet spirit. And beautiful, because what could be nicer than nostalgically transfigured memories? The question consequently arises: Why does egg liqueur no longer matter today, why does it lead such a shadowy existence in drinking culture?


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