Helene Fischer makes her fans “breathless”. Still, even five (!) Years after her mega chart success. Their big stadium tour is currently under way, last night was the Berlin Olympic Stadium: 55,000 fans cheered Helene Fischer, who delivered a performance of the extra class.
In fact, there are only a few singers who manage to create a feel-good atmosphere with just a few words and sounds in a large stadium and put a smile on everyone’s face. As a travel into a princess fairytale world – including cotton candy cloud. In the light of the evening sun and dozens of flares, the 33-year-old appeared on stage – the woman who blasts more than 200 kilograms of confetti and 500 kilograms of pyrotechnics per evening and reaches more than 1.2 million viewers with her tour.
Summer party in the Berlin Olympic Stadium
The interior of the Olympic Stadium was largely seated – but even with the first hit, the fans did not keep it on the seats. They sang the songs and danced.
Parts of the approximately two-and-a-half-hour show on the 1100 square meter stage (including five outfit changes) had been prepared in advance with the team from the “Cirque du Soleil”. A show that was sometimes more circus than a concert. Of course, the songs were sung – in addition to gaudy hits like “Phenomenon” and “Atemlos”, the fishermen also covered disco classics from the 90s.


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