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Home World Berlusconi launches the alarm: "M5s prepares the balance sheet"

Berlusconi launches the alarm: "M5s prepares the balance sheet"

Silvio Berlusconi after the triumph of the center-right in Abruzzo, it once again puts the Five Star Movement in its sights. The Knight attacks the government action of the pentastellati and launches a very clear alarm: "Now we are talking more than one part of a correction of the maneuver, the easiest thing that the grillini have in mind is a tax of 10-12% on assets of all Italians ", he affirmed at the microphones of" Stasera Italia ". The leader of Forza Italia he added: "The recipe that should be implemented to get out of this unfortunate situation, is in my program for the Europeans: the two governing parties have programs in contrast".

At this point the former prime minister makes a reflection on his political path: "I feel comfortable for the work done in recent years for Italians and for Italy, but I always had to govern with the support of allies. I have never reached 51% and I have had allies who did not always have the same interests ". Inevitable then a comment on the Tav that is increasingly breaking the majority yellow-green: "The cost-benefit analysis on the Tav is a document is to do with the alibi 5-star that do not want the Tav as no great work". And on the great works the Cav reiterated the need to build the bridge over the strait. Then the Knight underlines the affection of the electors: "In Abruzzo, more than 5 thousand photographs have been requested" and every time "people hold me and show me a love and devotion that moves me". Finally, a commentary on the confrontation between Count and Verhofstadt: "Verhofstadt, with whom I have not agreed so many times, has declared what the men of government think of all of Europe I would never have spoken in such a classroom empty, I have always had it full and I had the courage to respond and put the veto of Italy when I thought it was right, but right things this government has not done and today we are isolated in Europe and despised by all governments European. "


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