Bernard Tapie, his fight to take back the theater

Bernard Tapie, his fight to take back the theater

The former boss of OM, who played on the boards in Flight over a cuckoo’s nest , said he was ready for anything to get back on stage. A way to fight cancer.
Bernard Tapie, who fights against a cancer of the stomach, plans to go back on stage “in a play or musical comedy”, he announces in The Parisian Sunday . “There is no if, I will do it again,” says the 75-year-old businessman in a long interview on a daily basis. »READ ALSO – Bernard Tapie: “Looking in the rearview mirror is good” “I want to renew direct contact with the public (…) I will make a hundred performances in Paris and a tour in the provinces. Just to talk about it, I get goose bumps, “continues Bernard Tapie, inspired by singer Johnny Hallyday, who started a tour last year, despite the disease. “Without the tour with Les Vieilles Canailles, he would have died a year earlier. He held up because he had set the goal of finishing the tour, “said the one who played on the boards in Flight over a cuckoo’s nest (remarkably staged at the cinema by the late Milos Forman , gone Friday). His judicial problems Evoking his illness, the current owner of the daily La Provence and former boss of OM said to have “50% chance to 5 years according to statistics,” but said he wants to fight. On the judicial level, Bernard Tapie is condemned to refund the millions collected in 2008 during an arbitration in his litigation with Crédit Lyonnais . Thursday, the justice invalidated the controversial plan that avoided the seizure of its assets, without pronouncing the judicial liquidation of its companies. “The Court of Appeal rejected the insane request of the public prosecutor who dreams of seeing my property liquidated. It is an obsession of the prosecutor to want my liquidation. He is doing everything to make my health situation worse, “he says, denouncing a” relentlessness “. “Moreover, the Court of Appeal did not ratify the repayment plan as endorsed by the Commercial Court, considering that it was missing details”. Clarifications that his lawyers should answer “in ten days,” he says.

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