Bernard Tapie s'talks about the reasons of his illness and his commitment to l'OM

Bernard Tapie s'talks about the reasons of his illness and his commitment to l'OM


L ‘businessman Bernard Tapie, weakened by cancer and mired in a legal battle, expressed among our colleagues from France 2 this Sunday 19 November. He discusses his journey and his illness.

Since it is reached of a cancer of the stomach, appearances of Bernard Tapie are rare. At the end of October, the former president of the Olympique de Marseille had answered a few questions in front of tv cameras in Brussels as he came to challenge in court the seizure of accounts of its belgian company. This Sunday, he was the guest of the interview to the news of France 2 , and returns on his disease.

The balance she rang for the man of business ? “When you have 70 years, we need to accept that we will have to go to the ultimate test that is death and for me, this is not a disaster, I lived in an incredible way,” said Bernard Tapie in front of the camera. At the age of 74, he continues to fight against the disease, but puts into perspective : “I don’t want to leave but there must be reason to say that when it falls on a couple where the woman is 35 years old, three children, and that she has breast cancer, it is another thing” he said.

It reveals the reason of his sickness

His illness, the man of business should the “bad blood”. Has the question of why he had cancer, his doctor reportedly replied : “You have heard of the popular expression be bad blood ? And you know what it is to make bile ? Ben that’s it. You understand why you have cancer”. In the context of the dispute with the Credit Lyonnais, the former minister has been sentenced by the Court of cassation in may 2017 to repay in full the $ 404 million euros obtained in 2008.

In this interview, Bernard Tapie also evokes its report to the supporters of the Olympique de Marseille, who had paid tribute after the announcement of his illness at the end of September. That is what you feel when you see it ?” asks Laurent Delahousse. “That is what you want to feel when you have 50 000 kids [at the stade Velodrome] who give you their friendship and that you show affection ? It means that you have been used to something” responds Tapie.

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