Bernau Children’s Film Festival: cinema for the whole family on Halloween

At 9 o’clock sharp, the children’s film festival in the state of Brandenburg starts on November 2nd in the Bernauer Stadthalle. The 30th edition of the event will be opened by Bernau’s mayor André Stahl. 2021 is an anniversary year for the Children’s Film Festival, which will travel through 17 venues across the country from September to the end of the year. It stops in Bernau in the first two weeks of November. During this time, award-winning national and international children’s films are shown.

Ten feature films are on the program

“Listen to us!” Is the motto of this year’s film selection. Loud and clear, sometimes quieter, but no less emphatically, the protagonists of the films demand a hearing for their concerns. The program includes ten feature films as well as the short film program “On the way to discovery” and the picture book cinema “Pippilothek ???” for kindergarten and preschool children. A total of 28 film events are planned, including seven special events with invited guests.

The first of six film evenings starts on the evening of the opening day: “Farewell is part of life” then runs in the Bernauer Stadthalle. A workshop film by the film director Bernd Sahling, which he produced in 2019 together with pupils in the 5th grade of the Basdorf elementary school. When the student project was planned, the children involved were able to choose the theme for the filming themselves.

Schoolchildren involved in film project

It should be a film on the subject of “death and farewell”, that was their idea. One or the other of them had already come into contact with death, for example when their beloved pet died. This is how the film begins and takes the audience into the subject in a very touching way: children tell of their first painful experiences. But they also set out with a camera and microphone and ask other people what contact they have made with death.

Contribution to climate and insect protection - Bernau invests 20,000 euros in new plants

Guests of the evening are Andrea Scholz, teacher at the Basdorf elementary school and head of the school project, and Antje Muth, healing educator, grief counselor and editor and editor-in-chief of fibz :: Familienmagazin for a good 13 years. It is moderated by the Berlin film director, initiator and curator of several children’s film projects Gabriele Zorn. It invites the audience to exchange and discuss.

Town hall becomes a haunted house

On the Sunday before the grand opening, a first film will be shown in the Bürgersaal of the New Town Hall in Bernau as part of the film festival. At 2 pm the family film “Alfie, the little werewolf” will be shown. There should also be a lot to see around it, says Sabine Oswald-Göritz from the city’s cultural office and reveals that the town hall is becoming a haunted house: “Everything is possible on Halloween.”

Police go on the A11 in front of Bernau in search of drug drivers

How the town hall was prepared exactly is to be explored after the film. Maybe it’s haunted, maybe a loud howl can be heard from the roof terrace. But fear is not the order of the day, according to the city administration. Because Tom-Tom, one of the most fearless children’s show masters, the bravest magician and the most fearless musician will accompany the “expedition” through the ghost town hall.

The provisions of the Corona Handling Ordinance of the State of Brandenburg apply to the event. Please register by e-mail to [email protected] Entry costs 2.50 euros, for holders of the social pass it costs 1.50 euros. The children’s film festival in the state of Brandenburg is organized by the State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg (LISUM) together with the Brandenburg Film Association and local partners. In Bernau, the children’s film festival is organized by the cultural office and the city’s youth coordinator in tried and tested cooperation with local youth and educational institutions and associations, as well as with the OSZ II Barnim, the technical school for social affairs.