Berni, drawn against a Peronist mayor: “If it is not a real estate business, it does not matter”

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Buenos Aires Minister of Security Sergio Berni starred in another episode today as part of his tours of the interior of the Province in which he monitors the work of the security forces.

This time, the official was in Zárate, where he became aware of a criminal episode in which a woman who was traveling by bicycle had been robbed by motorcycle jets who, in order to remove her belongings, beat her and seriously injured her head.

In this context, Berni went to the municipal monitoring center, where he asked to be received to review the security cameras that the district has. But no one answered him. Annoyed, he made a video in which he was angry and pointed at the municipal mayor, the Peronist Osvaldo Cáffaro.

“We have been waiting for fifteen minutes to be seen at the Monitoring Center. They wanted to steal from a lady, they threw her on the floor, they broke her head. The ambulance took 40 minutes to arrive and we had to assist them, “he said. And he launched: “In Zárate if it is not a real estate business, it does not seem to matter. The mayor does not seem to care about health, education or safety. It is a shame”.




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