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Bernie Sanders issues ten years of tax returns and shows how he was prospered in 2016 by his presidential run

Sanders and wife Jane jumped from $ 240,622 in 2015, the year he launched his first White House bidding, to $ 1,073,333 a year after that, as he once said obscure lawmakers left and right became a political sensation bestselling author with thrown in royalties.

From that first run, Sanders and his wife earned more than $ 2.79 million, putting them in the super-rich category.

Sanders in a statement said the returns "show that our family has been very happy".

"I think I have to pay more taxes because my income has become a commitment and an investment in our country," he added. "I will continue to fight to make our tax system more advanced so that our country has the resources to guarantee the American dream to all people."

The records show that Sanders recorded growing income and confirmed his millionaire status, largely on the proceeds from book sales, including the bestseller "Where We Go From Here," which was released in 2018 with Macmillan.

Sanders reported a family income of $ 566,421 for the year 2018, of which $ 382,920. This came from writing and royalties. The documents indicate that he paid $ 137,573 in taxes and $ 8,267 in taxes in 2018. Sanders claimed to pay an effective tax rate of 26% on his adjusted gross income. The couple reported that it donated $ 18,950 to charity.

Sanders scored $ 110 in music royals last year, presumably for his 1987 folk album "We Shall Overcome" and another $ 1,810 from his 1997 Outsider in the House issue, which was released by Verso. He was paid $ 391,000 for his books.

Sanders had come under increasing pressure to file tax returns when his main opponents introduced their own returns, and critics, along with some allies, began to promote a more complete, more public view of the candidate's paperback. The issue was even more intense politically, and the Democrats continued to demand the tax return of President Donald Trump.

The Vermont Independent released his records on this year's tax return, just before a Fox News Town Hall appearance, where he is expected to ask Trump to do likewise.

The revelation that Sanders is now a millionaire had in some areas cast doubt on his ability to effectively convey the progressive populist message that made him a political star.

Sanders Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir dismissed these suggestions and told CNN that the candidate's personal wealth had "no influence" on his policy.

"If the ultimate question is, he will credibly push special interests and the billionaire class and the rich in this country to do the things that need to be done, like Medicare for All, like an environmental employment plan, the answer is yes." Shakir said. "He could earn another million dollars and it still would not matter."

In 2016, during his first presidential campaign, Sanders released only one year of records – from 2014. Sanders recently announced that his book sales revenues after this race had made him a millionaire. Nevertheless, he is one of the least wealthy members of the US Senate.

"Bernie Sanders has paid his fair share of taxes," Shakir said, adding that he hoped the earnings would calm the "hustle and bustle" that had grown in anticipation of his release. He also acknowledged that Sanders' vague promises and campaign about their plans had contributed to the speculation. In several forums, including a CNN Town Hall shortly after he entered the race in February, Sanders promised to divide it soon.

"I think there were some interpretations for" soon ", which I would have loved to relieve in retrospect, if I was a little clearer when it would come," Shakir said. "We wanted to do 10 years, so we had an (internal) conversation that said," Let's just do it all at once, so we have the last one. "



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