Speaker Nabih Berri told his visitors that “the situation of the country is not good, and I have already warned about the difficult and bad economic situation. I say again that this situation should not continue as it is, and the bad situation we have reached.” He said Berri, according to the newspaper “Republic”: “What do we benefit and benefit the country and people from the collapse of the economic situation, the situation is bad and more than bad, and must be confronted with what requires, should never escape the responsibility I say this to all without exception, From working to form a government quickly. ” “From the very beginning, we offered every facility to form a government, and at one point we thought the atmosphere was a quick composition of the government, so I decided to postpone the parliamentary elections until after the formation of the government that we assumed would not be far. . ” The President of the Council: “In front of this situation I can confirm that if the situation continues as it is, I will take the first to call the House of Representatives to hold a general election to elect parliamentary committees to complement the structure of the Council, which should never remain paralyzed, and if necessary invite To a session of a general discussion of this situation, which affects all Lebanese society, the situation of all the government and the Council and all political forces. ” “I do not want to go into the details, but the standards must be the same for everyone,” Berri said of the criteria to be followed in forming the government. To speak something I can not confirm. “


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