Berrien town hall is selling off its land to save the village

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It is the Telegram which relates the affair. Breton elected officials focus all their attention on the municipal development of Liorz an ti, which adjoins the school. The town hall has decided to sell land at a price of € 1 m². She hopes that this will attract families whose children will be able to attend nursery and primary school. This challenge is not a first in France. A municipality of Calvados, Champ-du-Boult, in the Pays d’Auge, and a municipality of Cantal have managed to raise the glove lately, while closer to Berrien, the municipality of Moustoir, in Côtes-d’Armor , had already tried it in the 80s, with relative success.

Key figures

The city of Berrien is selling ten serviced land at 1 € / m² (800 m² on average) against 9.50 euros usually.

Berrien, a Breton town full of assets

The city of Berrien has plenty to seduce its future inhabitants. Despite falling financial means, the town has a multifunctional room, a leisure center, a media library and games library, a multisport playground or a house of nursery assistants, who s ‘will install next year in a new building that can accommodate up to 16 children. Parents are mobilizing, moreover, on another issue, the safeguarding of their class, by providing the town with a wild class with retired teachers, to take care of pupils injured by the announced abolition of the class.

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