best discounted games for less than three euros

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But they really exist games for PS4 and PS5 for less than three euros? By now you should know that the answer to this question is yes, at least if you follow us diligently. We’re always on the lookout for games for sale at discounted prices and thanks to the new wave of PlayStation Store sales, we’re bringing you three games for sale for one small price.

Tales of Zestiria 2.99 euro

Tales of Zestiria was launched in 2015 as the fifteenth game in the Tales Of series, which started exactly twenty years earlier on Super Nintendo. In a world torn apart by war between two nations, take on the role of the Redeemer and find a way to stand against the darkness and protect the world. Tales of Zestiria is a fantasy role-playing game with a medieval setting, and although not all aspects of the production have aged very well, for this price one can certainly turn a blind eye to a technical sector that is not state of the art and a combat system that is sometimes difficult to master. In addition to the full game, the package includes two bonus items, namely a theme for HOME and mystic arts for Alisha, Mikleo and Lailah.

XCOM 2 2.49 euro

Another super price for a very popular game that needs no introduction, for just under three euros we can take home XCOM 2one of the most loved and appreciated strategy games of recent years. The version on offer is the standard one with no additional content or bonuses of any kind, however for the price of 6.49 euros you can buy the Digital Deluxe Edition which includes the XCOM Reinforcements Pack in addition to the game with the contents Sons of Anarchy, Alien Hunters and Shen’s Last Gift. XCOM 2 is optimized for PlayStation 4 PRO, read more here XCOM 2 review.

Strider 2.99 euro

Released on PS4 in 2014, Strider has unfortunately gone unnoticed in the eyes of the general public but it is an excellent scrolling action that sees Fighting Hiryu once again grappling with a criminal organization to be vanquished, the goal is to clean up the city from criminals but completing the mission will not be easy.Strider is an arcade-style game with a difficulty curve that isn’t suitable for everyone, but if you loved the original Strider in the arcade, this title will awaken sweet memories and dormant emotions in you.

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