As the festive season approaches, there is nothing more beautiful than the scent and feel of a real Christmas tree.

The wonderful, fresh scent of pinewood, paired with sparkling embellishments and tinsel, creates a very special atmosphere that just can not be faked.

If you've ever wondered, the tradition of Christmas trees first began in Germany and was then decorated with edible treats like gingerbread.

The custom came to Britain sometime in the 1830s and became popular in 1841 when Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert had a beautifully decorated tree set up in Windsor Castle.

While nowadays it might not be easier to get hold of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, the natural options are still very popular with Britons celebrating Christmas, and we've come up with the best options you can buy online.

Before you go shopping, you should know some of the most popular Christmas tree species.

Norman fir: This classic tree is a great success in the UK due to its symmetrical shape and excellent needle retention. It has a good distance between the branches, so it is easy to hang decorations, and it also has a nice aromatic scent.

Fraser fir: For quality and affordability, you can not go wrong with this slender tree that will fill your home with a sweet scent. Because it has some flat needles, it is well preserved and stays fresher longer than other Christmas tree species, providing freshness for up to a month. Ideal for smaller rooms.

SpruceWith its dark green foliage and conical shape, this traditional Christmas tree has been popular since the 16th century. Needle retention is considered poor if the spruce is not cut and maintained properly.

Find a Christmas tree that stands out from the crowd.

John Lewis & Partners Fraser Fir Real Christmas tree

The Scottish-grown trees at John Lewis are simply stunning and this Fraser Fir is our favorite. With a wealth of branches, it is beautifully proportioned and packed with attention to detail. Each tree is carefully selected by hand – so you can only expect the best when it arrives. Available from 5ft to 9ft.

From £ 75 | John Lewis | Buy It Now

Pines and needles Nordmann fir

Tightening the purse strings? Look no further than the reasonably priced Pines and Needles Christmas tree assortment.

The six-foot-tall Normann fir is colorful and is characterized by soft, shiny foliage and strong branches. It has an extremely low number of drops, which means that this tree should stay well during the festive season. For those who have little time, a decorating service is available.

£ 59.95 | Pines and needles | Buy It Now

M & S Christmas tree in the basket

These branches of this charming little tree were decorated with artificial powder, giving the impression of a snow-covered spruce. Ideal for small spaces indoors and outdoors. The plant is fairly winter hardy but must be protected from harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow. It is presented in a beautiful braided basket with a decorative garland.

£ 38 | Marks and Spencer | Buy It Now

Patch Nora Nordman Fir Christmas tree

At Patch you will find a number of natural Christmas trees as well as essential elements such as stands, skirts and some fantastic decorations. The Nora – also called Nordman fir – is a wonderfully fragrant, naturally broad plush tree with light green foliage. This is quite large at the bottom, but you can always prune some of the lower branches if you have little space. Available in five sizes from 3 to 8 feet.

From £ 39 | Patch | Buy It Now

B & Q Big tree in the metal container

If you like the idea of ​​a real tree, but you are not interested in maintenance, then opt for this easy-care arrangement presented in a winter-ripe metal container. After the first year, simply repot the unperfumed plant into a larger planter to continue growing.

20 € | B & Q | Buy It Now

Blossom and wild sweetheart tree

Even your desk or window can look festive with this mini fir tree from Britain's first mailbox flower brand, Bloom and Wild. This is 40 cm tall and with proper care can go well beyond Christmas time. It's even equipped with a selection of colorful balls and warm white lights for getting started.

£ 35 | Bloom and Wild | Pre-order now

Pines and needles spruce

If you are a traditional lover, then the spruce is just right for you. This delightfully fragrant, dense conifer is 11 feet high and must be watered on a regular basis to minimize the needlestick.

£ 126.95 | Pines and needles | Buy It Now


The luxurious, full-bodied Fraser Fir Tree by John Lewis is undoubtedly our favorite option and is also reasonably priced. For small spaces, you can not go wrong with the beautifully presented Marks and Spencer's Tree in the basket,

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