“Better Communist than Fascist”. Fratoianni bursts out against La Russa

A Cartabianca it is time for discussion after the vote and in Bianca Berlinguer’s living room they have been called Ignazio La Russa of Fratelli d’Italia e Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left. Between the two there was a constant teasing during the interview but there were two crucial moments in which there was a clash between the left and the right. The first occurred during the discussion on citizenship income, when Fratoianni accused Brothers of Italy of wanting to further impoverish Italians by eliminating subsistence. An accusation to which the exponent of Giorgia Meloni’s party strongly countered, claiming what is, in reality, the FdI project. But it is at a later time that the tones have risen, with the secretary of the Italian Left who has increased the tone of voice when the presenter launched the service on Vox.

The first signs of a possible clash between the two had already been at the beginning of the episode, when Bianca Berlinguer reported to Ignazio La Russa the hot comment of the CNN immediately after the victory of the center-right had emerged clearly from the polls. and Giorgia Meloni: “It will be the premier further to the right of Italy since Fascism“. A comment that Ignazio La Russa picked up with irony, but on which Nicola Fratoianni wanted to retort with anger:”You are on the right, Meloni will be the premier furthest to the right in republican history, there is no need for CNN to say it“. The exponent of the Brothers of Italy did not, of course, deny the right-wing positioning of his party and after a few skirmishes the discussion shifted to citizenship income and Ignazio La Russa’s explanation of a project in the pipeline to radically change the law, holding a subsidy for those who cannot really work and for others by establishing a system that guarantees the dignity of a job.

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The clash between the different positions of the two contenders was inevitable but the tone remained normal, until Bianca Berlinguer launched a service on Vox. At that point, the discourse on left and right positions resurfaced with vigor. “The Vox party? Are the fascists Spaniards! Much better to be a communist than a fascist“blurted out Nicola Fratoianni raising his voice. Ignazio La Russa’s reply is ready:”There is this vice of the left to identify any right-wing party as a fascist“. But Fratoianni does not give up and relaunches, with the usual self-induced moral superiority that the left thinks it has:”I have no problem being communist and the fascist parties must be dissolved“Like fascism, communism was a bloody dictatorship. If Nicola Fratoianni admits to being a communist, why shouldn’t his party be dissolved?