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Better to start with a selling price that is too high?

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There are many preconceived notions when it comes to selling property. We are confronted with this every day. But what is it really about? Today we ask Michaela Müller, MoneyPark real estate expert in Winterthur: Does it really make sense to start with a very high selling price?

Anyone who advertises their property for sale at a price that is unrealistically high and not in line with the market accepts a much longer marketing period. Because the banks, insurance companies and pension funds that grant buyers the mortgage required for the purchase also carry out a real estate appraisal. If this estimate does not coincide with the purchase price, the buyer has to bring in more own funds – a circumstance that significantly limits the group of solvent and willing buyers. This means that sellers stay longer on their property and have a lot of work to do with viewing without a deal being concluded.

At the same time, prospective buyers – especially those who have been looking for a long time – observe the market very closely. You will notice when an object has been written out for a long time. And you can see when the price is adjusted downwards. They will use this fact in the negotiations to obtain a further price reduction, which will further drag on the negotiations.

When selling real estate, we therefore clearly recommend starting with a sales price in line with the market right from the start. An imaginary price as an attempt at the beginning delays the sale and extends the sales process and can at best even lower the purchase price that could have been achieved on the basis of a careful determination of the market value. At moneypark.ch/plattform, sellers can assess the value of their property directly online and owners can monitor the value development of their property. Our real estate experts will be happy to support you with personal advice and expertise.

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