Betty White cause of death: TV icon suffered a stroke

Beloved television actress Betty White suffered a stroke six days before her death on New Year’s Eve, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The “Golden Girls” star, whose legal name was Betty Marion Ludden, died of a “stroke,” according to her death certificate, obtained Monday and posted online by TMZ.


8:20 am in. 11, 2022An earlier headline for this story incorrectly stated that “coroner blames stroke” and the article incorrectly stated that the Los Angeles County coroner identified Betty White’s cause of death and issued her death certificate. The department did not comment on his medical history, nor did it participate in the determination of the cause of his death or in the issuance of the document.

A stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident, affects the blood vessels and blood flow to the brain and can lead to tissue damage if not detected quickly.

The Emmy-winning television pioneer was 99 when she died at her home in Brentwood on December 31, less than three weeks before her 100th birthday, which would have been January 17.

The star-studded documentary “Betty White: A Celebration” was originally planned as a centennial birthday celebration for the prankster star. The film will open in theaters as planned, but the project, formerly known as “Betty White: 100 Years Young – A Birthday Celebration,” has undergone a title change after her death.

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