Between epidemic and understaffing, the white plan is activated at L’Aigle hospital

L’Aigle hospital activated the white plan, Thursday, November 18 at 4 p.m. (©(Illustration Adobe Stock))

the white plan, also activated in hospitals de Brive, Rennes or even Alençon, should make it possible to respond to a exceptional health situation. The measures taken must ensure the good functioning of the hospital services of L’Aigle (Orne).

Ensuring the continuity of services

The activation of this plan is never trivial even if it is the classic procedure to remobilize the teams. We have to face both the Covid part with the rise in the number of cases in the territory and both the human resources part. There is a shortage of staff and there are difficulties in recruiting

Sebastien MingerDirector of L’Aigle Hospital

The implementation of this plan makes it possible to adapt the functioning of the service to the management of the new wave of the epidemic. “We are setting up a voluntary service, in certain services, those who wish, can make themselves available in emergencies, for example. The objective is to ensure the proper functioning of the hospital by avoiding postponing operations, ”explains Sébastien Minger.

A lack of personnel

For the moment, no end date is foreseen for this plan, the recruitment difficulties that the hospital meets worry the director. “Nurses, doctors… Any help is welcome. We ensure that our teams rest, we want at all costs to guarantee the leave of our agents, for the moment we do not call back those who are on leave, ”explains Sébastien Minger.

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L’Aigle hospital can count on the sanitary reserve, that is to say health professionals can be mobilized by the State during health situations exceptional. “We are waiting for reinforcements, specifies Sébastien Minger, even if we want above all to make a call for applications to strengthen our hospital”.

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