“Between us”. Natalia Kukulska: The times have come when it is difficult to be indifferent

I think so. A bit in spite of how my grandmother raised me, who always said don’t lean out, be nice, make everyone like me. And although I was a bit polite, I never lacked the so-called eggs. Rather, I could fight for my own, talk about my needs. I must admit that I have never had a problem with being perceived differently, worse, because I am a woman. Maybe because I work with artists who are sensitive. I am observing, of course, how much we are fighting for parity in all areas. And that’s great. A lot has changed in the last 10 years, we are leaving some habits and patterns. I find it amazing when women come together and show their strength. The idea of ​​sisterhood is very cool, because by uniting we can achieve much more than by jealousy and by putting logs under our feet.