“Beverly Hills Cop 4” with Eddie Murphy is finally coming>feeds>

24. August 2021 – 15:27 clock

Comeback for Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy (60) had repeatedly announced that he wanted to slip into the legendary college jacket of “Beverly Hills Cop” Axel Foley for the fourth time. But it only became concrete in 2019. Murphy confirmed that Netflix would produce a fourth part. But then nothing happened for a longer time. Now there is a clear sign of life for a fourth film after its predecessors from 1984, 1987 and 1994.

Netflix has not officially announced the shooting, the start of production was more publicly through the back door. US media such as “The Hollywood Reporter” reported that “Beverly Hills Cop 4” was included on a list of films for which the California Film Commission received tax breaks for filming. The program, the volume of which was increased from 330 to 660 million dollars annually just a few weeks ago, is intended to promote film production in California, the birthplace of the modern film industry.

Shooting days are already scheduled

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that “Beverly Hills Cop” was scheduled for 58 days of shooting. This planning suggests that the pre-production of the film must have come a long way. There have been rumors in the past that the Part Four storyline might catch up with Axel Foley from his Detroit past. The tax credit promotion in California now proves that at least a large part of the film is shot in the Golden State.

“Beverly Hills Cop 4” will be directed by the Tunisian-Belgian filmmaker duo Adil El Arbi (33) and Bilall Fallah (35), who successfully launched the film “Bad Boys 3” in 2020, which, like “Beverly Hills Cop 4 “stuck in production nirvana for many years.

Eddie Murphy recently shot “The Prince of Zamunda 2” (for Amazon Prime Video), a late sequel to one of his 80s cult films.

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