Beverwijk environmental alderman picks up after heated emergency debate about GGD report

An emergency debate in the Beverwijk city council about the GGD report has led to the departure of environmental alderman Haydar Erol. After a fire of questions last night about his involvement in the now controversial GGD report, he abruptly decided to resign.

The debate was requested last Tuesday due to the outcry that has arisen over the report that appeared last summer. In it, the health service concludes that lung cancer in the municipality of Beverwijk is 27 percent more common than the average in the Netherlands. The Noordhollands Dagblad revealed that GGD director Bert van de Velden had the word Tata Steel removed from the draft reports.

The municipal council was put to the test on Thursday evening during the debate, with both Mayor Martijn Smit and Haydar Erol receiving strong criticism about (the lack of) communication after the publications. Last Saturday, Erol missed an important meeting of the Security Region as a result of the commotion. The alderman was then on his way in a tram with an empty telephone. The mayor was also busy last weekend with the move of his son.

After the heated interview and a short break, Erol decided to tender his resignation. “This debate feels uncomfortable, because it is about my functioning. I have therefore come to the conclusion that I will resign from my position immediately,” was his statement.

The Kennemerland Security Region previously announced a external research to be carried out according to how the final report was drawn up. President of the security region Marianne Schuurmans said earlier that “the outside world has become unclear” about the working method of the GGD. “I think it is important that there is clarity about this and an independent investigation is the best way to do this.”

It is currently unclear how the college will continue after the summer recess.

After a heated debate, the alderman decided to resign from his position: