Beware, a new scam is circulating through WhatsApp

A cybersecurity company warned about the virtual theft formula in which they say they give away a phone and $100,000.

The company specialized in cybersecurity BTR Consulting identified a new whatsapp scam through fake voice calls and messages. The criminals contact users on behalf of the Samsung company and tell them that the brand is celebrating another anniversary in Argentina, and that they were winners of $100,000 in cash and a Samsung Glaxy S22.

The scammer offers the choice of the color of the phone, the place to pick it up and provides a series of steps to follow to win the prize. As a first step, he explains to the person that he has to go to an ATM to “credit the money”, then he must go to the appliance firm to pick up the cell phone and they send him false videos of supposed winners.

Through the information obtained in the previous stages, the scammer generates a debit request on the person’s account, sends a code to carry out the transaction and asks the user to accept the request through the ATM or home banking with the excuse of being able to receive the prize, what actually happens is that the scammed person accepts that the money be debited from his account and thus they steal from him.

A few weeks ago the company Meta, owner of the instant messaging application, launched a visual campaign called “Secure Networks” to raise awareness about security in social networks and thus avoid this type of scam.