Beware of being sprayed by the police, Jakarta’s odd-even area is expanded to 25 roads Putra

Illustration of odd-even implementation in Jakarta – Starting next week, the odd-even Jakarta area will be expanded to 25 roads.

Previously, odd-even in Jakarta only applied to 13 roads.

The details were explained by the Head of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Service, Syafrin Liputo.

“If it’s odd or even at this time, there are still 13 roads, but it is being evaluated to increase to 25 roads,” he said, (24/5/22).

This odd-even expansion of Jakarta is contained in Governor Regulation Number 88 of 2019.

It contains changes to Pergub 155 of 2018 concerning Traffic Restrictions with Odd-Even Mechanisms.

Syafrin said, explaining the reasons for the expansion of Jakarta’s odd-even coverage.

“Because the traffic volume is getting higher. Based on the data, there is a 6.25 percent (increase),” he said.

“So this is the basis for evaluating the implementation of traffic restrictions in the Jakarta area,” he continued.

Based on Pergub No. 88 of 2019, odd-even is held from Monday to Friday.